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My music

I am benoit lefevre


Composer, producer and violinist, I live and work in France. With a strong classical background (harmony, electroacoustic and instrumental composition, orchestration, violin & baroque violin, piano at the Paris, Nantes and Toulouse conservatoires), I focus all my energy on making your project unique. Although my career led me to play my electronic works in Bourges, Paris, Nice and Aberdeen, my music has now become more instrumental - taking the timbre to the heart of the composition process.

First prize winner of the 2016 Oticons International Film Music Competition


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I began following their film music career very closely after seeing Enemy , by Denis Villeneuve (2013). The music – playing a fundamental role in this film, immediately struck me. Jurriaans and Bensi chose a relatively small but extremely diverse instrumental set: featuring a clarinet trio, a string quartet, a trombone section, percussions and electronics, the score is both grandiose and (...)

It is not strictly speaking recent news, but By The Throat is one of my favorite album. To be honest, not a week goes by when I don’t listen to it since its release in 2009. At the time I was totally entranced by the cover art, the wolves – caught in a ‘white-noise’ snow illuminated by some snow groomers headlights. I could almost hear them howling!Australian-born Ben Frost lives (...)

Released this June under the label Forwind, Wisconsin Mining State throws us in a peculiar world : the ruins of the mining area in Southern Wisconsin. Whilst some choose to look toward easier or more seductive subjects, Johan Fotmeijer and Linus Schrab take us to these abandoned mines that were once a model of America’s industrial success. Platteville softly opens with (...)

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